Celebrities’ Anti-aging Secrets: Look 20 when you’re into your 40s!

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Celebrities’ Anti-aging Secrets:
Look 20 when you’re into your 40s!

Showbiz is a competitive, high-stress industry where celebrities around the world have to work extra hard to keep up with the constant influx of fresh new faces and to stay relevant. Some of them look forever-young and never seem to age. Take for example Jun Ji Hyun from the popular kdrama My Sassy Girl, or Qin Lan, the actress who played the much-loved Fuca empress in last year’s top period drama Yanxi Palace.



Can you believe that these actresses are almost into their 40s? How do they do it? Jun Ji Hyun is even married with kids!


In this post, we shall share some of these celebrities’ secret to looking forever young along with some of our personal favourite tips!


Skin Tip 1: Radio Frequency Treatments



Looking to erase those fine lines and give your skin an instant lift? Radio Frequency (RF) treatments will be your new best friend! RF technology is well-known in the beauty industry for its’ amazing anti-aging results, and has evolved over the years.


Exilis Elite  is one of our favourite brand of RF treatments as it is FDA-approved with clinically-proven results. This treatment tightens skin while reducing fat and signs of fine lines and wrinkles, and uses a combination of monopolar RF energy and ultrasound to stimulate fat lipolysis (the breakdown of fat cells), which gives you that slimming effect! It remodels collagen under the skin for a defined facial contours with skin firming and lifting effect without any downtime.


Skin Tip 2: A proper skincare routine + Anti-aging Facials



Jun Ji Hyun ranks cleansing as the most important skincare step and we can’t agree more. Her trick to cleansing is not to rub the cleanser for too long, and finish the cleansing as quickly as possible. She also added that one should tap on her face gently with fingertips as if you are massaging it, after the cleansing.


On the other hand, Qin Lan prioritises hydrating the skin to prevent wrinkles. As shared on her Weibo, she recommends hydrating with sheet masks and a good moisturiser to seal it in at home to keep skin hydrated. Always apply skincare in gentle patting motions and “Don’t rub your skin” she adds. This is crucial in her anti-aging skincare regime.



However, skincare at home may not be sufficient for those who are not genetically blessed with good skin which is why we also recommend going for treatments such the Privé Signature Anti-aging Facetherapy once a month. Designed to protect, repair, hydrate and sculpt, this skin firming facetherapy uses a full range of CLINICCARE products (made in Sweden and exclusive to Privé) – a peel to gently remove dead skin cells, low molecular hyaluronic acid essence to replenish moisture, anti-ageing lifting serums and mask to instantly awaken and accelerate cell renewal for brighter, more lifted skin. The treatment also helps penetration of active ingredients in home-care products to achieve radiance and a healthy glow.


Skin Tip 3: Drink lots of water throughout the day!



It’s no secret that water is good for you. As reported on various news outlets, Jun Ji Hyun emphasizes sufficient water intake and a good night’s sleep for clear skin. Jun said that she drinks water — a little bit cold or at room temperature — frequently throughout the day to keep her sensitive and dry skin moisturised.


But did you know that all the water you drink goes straight to your organs for essential functions before it reaches the skin? That’s why we recommend drinking at least 2 litres of water a day! This ensures that your skin gets some H2O benefits as well and stays hydrates and bouncy through the day!

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